STEM-C Program

We reimagine STEM-C learning by bringing in programmatic interventions like Virtual Tech Lab, SSF Corner Program (STEM-C Olympiad Mock Tests) & School Internship Program.

Today, our STEM-C frameworks offer the closest analogues to the school-to-university FinTech pathway and help foster the technical skills and design thinking that are increasingly needed in the financial services industry.

What we do

Virtual Techlab

Some of our virtual experiments included showing how metals and non-metals reacted with water etc.

Tech lab's objective is to get students do implementable projects using current technology

SSF Corner

STEM-C Olympiad Mock Tests

SSF Corner program includes offline and online practice aptitude tests of NTSE and NMMS (National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship) level.

Our intent is to make students competitive exams ready with the help of innovative activities like Mass quiz, Math Pillar, Science Pillar from an early age.

Certificate in Investment Bank Operations, FinTech and Cyber Security

School Internship Program

SSF's STEM-C center offers examples of how FinTech can be prepared to engage middle and high schools.

Our aim is to educate students in horizontal skills e.g. XL based reporting (using Macros), RPA etc.

How we do it

Fan Student’s Curiosity

Use of thematic narratives,
scenarios, real life examples.

Let the students feel that the topic is connected to their lives.

Social Utility

Gamification & Social Utility

Get the students to work on projects with topical focus e.g. Irrigation automation explaining Electricity circuits.

DIY Activity

Hands on Activities

Validate the understanding by
doing it.

Scientific Thinking

Introduce topical concepts around specific problem statement and real life examples

Explaining ‘Science around them’ in light of the concepts.