Saraswati Seva Foundation (SSF) is a mission-driven nonprofit that aims to reduce poverty and promote social justice by educating children, enabling youths by powering new-age skills, empowering women through skills for gender equality, and supporting rural youth and farmers in agripreneurship.

Partnering with other development agencies and institutions, SSF helps remote communities lead change.

Key Programs

Training LED

Corporate & investment Banking
Operations & Data Analysis Courses.

School Industrial

Certificate in Investment Bank operations,
FinTech & Cyber Security.


Virtual Tech Lab, SSF Corner (STEM-C Olympiad Mock Tests)

Impact Made

40000 +
Stem-C Education
10000 +
Tech-based Learning
1000 +
Skill Counselling
0 +
Supporting Youth Employment

What Skateholders Say About Us

Come Volunteer with us

Together we can grow skills ecosystem.

Whether you can invest your time or money, everyone has a role to play in making BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) communities skills ready.

When one person is trained, the multiplier effect it catalyzes is far-reaching: on children, youngh people, their neighbours, educational institues, ad the community.

Let’s be an enabler of change!