Working with Us


SSF offers opportunities to the fresh undergraduates / graduates for internship with field study and mentoring by academic experts and grass-root change-makers. We invite applications to work with us in various formats. The internship opportunities are typically is announced on the website; however other positions are open and rolling. Indicative internship projects are as follows.


The Interns will act as a facilitator to the school children and the program will help them in developing their communication skills, analysing skills, and enhance their knowledge of rural/urban education system. The internship Program is designed around conducting STEM-C classes and in different urban/rural government and non-government schools to the students of class 6th -8th. As part of the program, the interns would be guiding the students of school by doing career counselling and informing about the prospects of skill development.


This module is modelled to place interns for providing access to information & services to rural population in three major fields i.e. Healthcare, Government Policy Information and Agriculture. Students interested in research writing would benefit from this program, as it has research part as well.

Our other similar projects are in the fields of Healthcare, Energy and the Environment. The projects might have different perspectives e.g. Projects, involving fieldwork, might take place in global (several regions in India and other countries), Regional (within India) and primarily rural settings. Some of these projects could also relate to more extensive research guided by our Think Tank initiative

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