About Saraswati Seva Foundation


We have a story to tell which is not so much triggered by an event but inspired by a philosophy. This initiative is shaped by and anchored in in the old Indian philosophy which advocates that we, as human beings, have a responsibility towards fellow human beings and the eco-system we live in. We are just playing our part.

Quite candidly, this is our effort to view the lens of life from a different angle and seek what success means when you contribute to make others successful.In this venture, the promoters are pooling in their passion to add value to serve the underprivileged by making the models sustainable and training the community to run the show  – upholding the ‘Principle of Karma’.

We see our role as bringing in constructive and sustainable interventions for the targeted audience and then make ourselves redundant by empowering & handing it over back to the communities. We believe that it will help the communities self-serve without expecting interventions from ‘outside’ and enable us scale up.

Foundation aims to develop resilience in wellbeing by capacity building and awareness, economic development and social protection with economic engagement, expanding and empowering the rural population with higher capability transfer to children, women, youths and farmers.



Major Programs and Projects

Sustainable Strategy

Apply Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Philanthropy for sustainable models of growth for the identified beneficiary stakeholders which is in symbiotic relationship with the environment. We model a three tier strategy as mentioned below;

SSF envisages playing a role of Program designer, Marketer for funding, Program Manager, and point of Governance as primary development change agent. As the secondary agent, we see our role as supporting the funding, scale up and capturing outcomes for reporting.