Health Camp for Security Guards and Housekeeping

13/09/2017 | Hyderabad

Saraswati Seva Foundation organised a health camp for security guards for primary health check up and health counseling on World Health Day. This was organised for housekeeping and security staff of few societies keeping in view that this section of the society does not give appropriate attention to heath of self and the family. The medical tests included Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, BMI measures and records of Height, Weight, Hip and Waist, followed by consultation with doctor. Urban poor and the unprivileged section has similar concerns and challenges as rural population in some of the regions in the country. This highlights the needs to organize such programs in the cities also. The program also stressed on issues of sanitation and self hygiene by the doctors. 

The program was orgnised at ‘Hill Ridge Springs’ with SSF team, 2 doctors and a volunteer team of 12 people. A total of 40 security guards and housekeeping workers, with almost equal number of male and female, participated in the camp and got benefit of the health profile testing and the counseling. The activity engaged many young volunteers and the society residents to create awareness of the health issues. Schools kids participated and also benefitted on a social bond between residents and the workers in the society.   

The health check up for most of people happened for the first time in this manner, as they were not aware of the need of these tests’ benefits. Female workers echoed that they were surprised to find some of the health issues for the first time in their life.  

Program leader Mr Gaurav Mishra said that we want to care for this class of the society in the cities as they usually do not get benefit of many of the government schemes. This is also the group which saves most of the earning for livelihood of their family in the villages and ignores self in the agenda.

President of the Foundation Mr Vivek Singh has made it lifelong agenda of the foundation especially for women and children. He communicated ‘If we are able to create right awareness, we can reduce 50 percent of the health problems’.

Dissemination Contact:

Gaurav Mishra