Youth Skilling and Awareness Workshop for Nutrition & Preventive Healthcare Solutions of Children and Women

09/09/2017 | Sikandarpur

Saraswati Seva Foundation organised Nutrition& Preventive Healthcaretraining & awareness workshop to the nursing trainees and aspirants to make career in the healthcare industry. The program was intended to empower and equip the youth to assist the community in spreading awareness and appropriate diet & preventive plan specifically for the children and women. This program was oriented to get rural youth’s and community’s attention to the issue of nutrition & preventive healthcare solutions, and the low-cost ways they should look for in their native food-basket. Dr. Rekha Gupta, certified nutritionist, highlighted the calorific value of different food items and prescribed a consumption model for children of different age and women in the context of Eastern Uttar Pradesh’s weather context. She also shared guidelines on how to trace the early symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency and the ways to find nutritional dosage through local crops and home-made solutions. The program was organised in cooperation with Regional Partner – Abhiyan Education Society.

More than 70 youths participated in the event most of which were women. Most of the participants belonged to different villages in 20 Kilometres radius from Sikandarpur which itself is 30 kilometres from Ballia city.
This program was organised with our regional partner ‘Abhiyan Educational Society’ (AES) which is led by Mr. Ashesh Singh. AES has been helpful in mobilising the youth and delivering the workshop. Participants shared that this program was first of its kind in that region and it was very well received.

Saraswati Seva Foundation, with its partner, has databased all the participants to support them with Nutrition chart, awareness brochure and periodic updates.

On the event of the program, Vivek Singh, President of Saraswati Seva Foundation emphasised upon the need to develop a framework of creating nutritional awareness in the rural areas specially amongst the women and healthcare workers and train them to blend modern know-how with conventional supplements to develop effective yet low-cost solution. Ashesh Singh, Head-Abhiyan Education Society, highlighted the need to conduct more of these sessions to broaden the outreach.

Dissemination Contact:
Gaurav Mishra