Saraswati Seva Foundation (SSF) is a fast growing non-profit organization with a vision to reduce poverty and encourage social justice by empowering women, protecting the children, enabling the youth and supporting the farmers. SSF partners with other development agencies and institutions, and promotes grass-root change leadership in the remote regions. We celebrate their championing of social causes and support them using our resource base, knowledge tools and networks of institutions. Link to page...



Saraswati Seva Foundation organized Nutrition & Preventive Healthcare training & awareness workshop to the nursing trainees and aspirants to make career in the healthcare industry. Link to page...


SSF invites proposals which are great ideas or simple implementation with help of technology. We have partners supporting such projects for unprivileged section of the society.... Link to page...


In partnership with Innovant International, SSF is developing solar powered Rikshaw with multi-facility services for rural population. This will not only service the needs in... Link to page...

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E - Think Tank of Saraswati Seva Foundation

The Society Watch is E - Think Tank of Saraswati Seva Foundation. Leading scholars, thought leaders, practitioners, policy makers publish research and evidence based papers, reports and survey outcomes from different regions of the world.

Society Watch

Dr. Rahul Singh

The engagement of companies in their CSR activities in India is moving at several levels. While for some organizations, it is still in the nascent stage of relationship management with the nearby communities; for many others,...

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Society Watch

Vivek Singh

This research examines resident's perception of the role water policy and climate change play to shape their livelihoods in Ganges basin. It argues that the proximity and visibility of local factors (i.e. policy failure to...

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Society Watch

Devanshu Rastogi

India is at the cusp of major energy transition as it has committed to achieve 40% of its energy demand from renewable energy in its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). In its INDC, India has committed to...

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SSF prepares to launch 'Mentor a Rural Leader Program' in the rural areas in selected cities of Uttar Pradesh to meet the regional challenges and making an ambassador of the society for development. These selected candidates on battery of tests would be associated with volunteers from university, industry, media and government to develop them in training and handholding mode for two years. 'Early Detection – Early Response' remains our motto to deal with the development issues and we pledged to create a bigger team to meet the challenges of the society. Link to page...